3 Traditional Chinese Desserts

When most people think about Chinese desserts, the first thing that pops into their mind is the fortune cookie. While eating fortune cookies is a lovely tradition with a lot of fun, they are in fact not Chinese at all. Fortune cookies were invented in the United States. If you want to learn about some real traditional Chinese desserts, here is a guide to some of the tastiest Chinese desserts around.

Photo Courtesy: ©daily-motivational-quote.com/
Photo Courtesy: ©daily-motivational-quote.com/

Steamed or Poached Pears One of the favourite traditional desserts in China is the steamed or poached pear. The pear is a very important fruit in Chinese culture, and it was used traditionally for desserts during special occasions and holidays. There are many ways to prepare the pears, but they are usually filled with honey, other fruits and even flowers to create an aromatic dessert that is a spectacle for the eyes. If the pears are poached, they are usually poached in plum wine to give them a delicious flavour.

Photo Courtesy: ©doriegreenspan.com/

Red Bean Paste To Western palates, one of the odder notions in traditional Chinese cooking is the use of red bean paste as a key ingredient in many Chinese desserts. It just seems strange for most Westerners that beans could actually be an ingredient in a dessert. However, some of the most beloved Chinese desserts incorporate red bean paste into them. One of the most popular desserts in China is sesame seed balls. There are also a number of sweet soups served at nearly every Chinese restaurant in central Hong Kong that are made with red bean paste. Perhaps the most famous red bean paste dessert is the simple steamed bun that is filled with the sweet red bean paste.

Photo Courtesy: ©abagofwisdom.blogspot.com/
Photo Courtesy: ©abagofwisdom.blogspot.com/

Mooncakes Arguably the most important traditional Chinese dessert is the mooncake. These cakes are made all over China during the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. This is a time when Chinese families come together to enjoy feasting, dancing and gazing at the moon. Moon cakes are made by everyone all over the country for this festival. These mooncakes are filled all kinds of things, including egg yolk, red bean paste, fruits, nuts and black bean paste.

Photo Courtesy: © kaleidoscope.cultural-china.com
Photo Courtesy: © kaleidoscope.cultural-china.com

Green Tea-Coated Chocolate Mousse: A dessert that’s on the rise

Photo Courtesy: ©Mott32.com
Photo Courtesy: ©Mott32.com

As a veteran of the culinary industry, I pride myself to have “seen and tasted it all.” But I can fully admit that this dessert really captured my taste buds. It’s a little unusual on paper since green tea and chocolate aren’t known to be mixed together, but thanks to the genius of Mott 32’s Chefs, the dish has been getting a lot of buzz lately. They did a great job of combining the two mouth-pleasing flavours. They are shaped like a normal cookie and it’s beautifully sprinkled with sesame seeds. Upon biting, a burst of chocolate goodness will explode in your mouth, and it’s euphoria from there. Posted by: Lea Andersen


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