What you need to know about “Barbecue Prime Iberico Pork with Yellow Mountain Honey”, Barbecued Pork at the Best Chinese Restaurant in Hong Kong

Mott32 is named as an homage to a grocery store by the same name, which started by Hong Kong immigrants in New York City in 1851; it was New York’s first Chinese convenience store and became the center of what would become the vibrant Chinatown neighborhood. At Mott32, in Central, that heritage is continued and amplified on, with the finest Chinese cuisine available in Hong Kong, typified by one dish that only has eight servings available nightly, “Barbecue Primer Iberico Pork with Yellow Mountain Honey.” Here’s how it all comes together.

All About Spanish Pork

Know as producers of fine pork product, the country of Spain has two types of well-known hogs that result in the finished product. “Jamon Serrano,” which is cured from a special breed of mountain raised white pigs that are mainly fed cereal grains and cured from 7 – 16 months.

Photo Courtesy of JTgastrosexualcooking

Iberico pork comes from hogs limited to being bred and raised in the Southwestern portion of Spain or Southeastern Portugal. Also fed grains, Iberian hogs are allowed to roam and graze freely, often dining on acorns. The breed has a healthy appetite and a propensity towards obesity, thereby leading to extreme marbling, and a more intense flavor, which is added to by an extra long cure period, up to 36 months in length.

The Process

Mott32 imports the best in Iberico pork and begins with a special marinade. The science of marinating serves two purposes, to tenderize a meat and also to add enhanced flavors. Marinating accomplishes these tasks by utilizing a combination of ingredients that work to break down the meat at a cellular level, eliminating any remaining “muscle-like quality.” Simultaneously the flavors chosen for the marinade are flowing throughout the flesh to heighten the dining experience. While of course the ingredients of Mott32’s marinade are a trade secret, since the Iberico pork is so tender and flavorful to begin with, the marinade for the pork is designed to simply enhance the natural flavor and texture in the cured meat.

Photo Courtesy of C.Lidgate

After the pork has marinated for the specified amount of time, it is cooked at high heat, and during cooking receives a second marinade on the exterior, with brushes of elegant Yellow Mountain Honey. The honey seals in the flavor of the pork, while caramelizing during cooking, and creating a crispy, somewhat sweet exterior on this extremely tender dish that has become the talk of Hong Kong culinary circles.

Mott32 Dim Sum Restaurant

dim sum

Open for lunch and dinner, in addition to enhanced Cantonese cooking, with the addition of a some signature Sichuan and Beijing dishes, Mott32 offers traditional dim sum daily. In addition to the exciting food offerings, Mott32 has created signature cocktails to be paired with their dishes. Whenever possible, drinks are mixed from spirits and ingredients indigenous to the region.

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